Why Mars Venus Coaching?

How is Mars Venus Coaching different from the other training programs? People have a hard time finding the right coaching school for their needs. With so many options out there, how does one choose the best coaching school suited for their needs to really help the people they want to coach?

Coach Certification Overview

That’s a really good question. Here’s the thing that people have to understand when they’re choosing a school. The first thing is that many of the schools teach the same curriculum. They teach you how to do questioning. They teach you how to drill down. They teach you how to really understand what the coach wants to learn so that they can be an effective coach with a client. They really have to look at how to bring that client clarity. That’s the first part of coaching – bringing them clarity. Once you have that clarity you have to bring them a plan. You’re going to sit down with your client and actually map plan of how they can do that. Thirdly, it’s hard to hold someone accountable so they don’t run away.

The Problem With Other Coaching Programs

Most coaching schools teach you all this and many of them do a very good job so the certification really is not the problem. The real problem is what do you do after you are certified? Once you have this license or you’re trained and you know you’re a good coach and you’re sitting at home – what do you do now? It’s similar to going to law school, accounting school, or any kind of school. They teach you how to do law or accounting (or coaching in this case) very well but now what do you do? How do you get clients? How do open your business? How do you bring in clients? How do you build a coaching business for yourself so you not only get clients but you have a steady flow of them and you’re delivering good coaching?

The Mars Venus Coaching Difference

There are a lot of coaches all over the world that are fantastic and they’re sitting at home. They’re like their best-known secret. Nobody else knows about them and they would make a great coach. That’s the biggest problem in coaching and honestly that’s what we do here. Not only is Mars Venus the most incredible coaching training you can get because we’re also the only ones who focus on gender intelligence (how men and women are different) but we specifically and painstakingly teach you how to get a client. Step by step. What do you do first? What do you do after that? How do you maintain (not only acquire clients) but maintain a stable of clients all the time because you’re carrying our brand. We want to make sure that if you’re carrying the Mars Venus brand that you’re successful. There’s the biggest problem and there’s the solution.

If that interests you at all … Not just being a good coach but actually getting clients and helping people. Your success is really important to us. You’re carrying our brand so we will make sure that you are successful. Call me at (702) 835-9295 or go to our website at www.marsvenuscoaching.com. You can also email me direct at richbernstein@marsvenuscoaching.com. I look forward to helping you be a success.

Rich Bernstein
President & CEO Mars Venus Coaching


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