The Benefits of the Mars Venus Coaching Program

Executive Coach Rich Bernstein & Mars Venus Coaching Program

While the world of business constantly evolves, particularly in the area of technology, one thing that has not changed is the way men and women think. Technology has made it easier to reach out to someone and begin a dialogue, but if you don’t have the correct tools in your sales and business process and approach, all that technology gets you nowhere.

What are we talking about? We are talking about how men and women are wired differently, meaning they each have different “hot buttons” that will trigger a purchase – or not. And having the latest smartphone, tablet or laptop isn’t going to help you figure those hot buttons out – but executive coaching and business programs from Mars Venus Coaching will.

About Rich Bernstein

Rich Bernstein is the CEO of Mars Venus Coaching. An executive coach since 2003, Rich brings over 25 years of sales, marketing and business management experience from a wide variety of both publicly traded and privately held companies.

In his 25 years, Rich has explored numerous sales processes, financial models, time management techniques and team building techniques. But it was meeting and partnering with Dr. John Gray, leading psychologist and relationship specialist, that brought all that expertise to the fore as it combined with the basic premise set forth in Dr. Gray’s best-selling book “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.”

“The sales process is just another type of relationship,” says Bernstein. “If you can’t anticipate and respond correctly to it, you’re going to leave money on the table.”

General Areas of Focus for Mars Venus Coaching

Mars Venus Coaching works for both individuals and companies alike. Mars Venus Coaching does this through training programs, workshops, life coaching and executive coaching services. Through these teachings, Mars Venus Coaching can dramatically enhance personal and organizational performance in the following areas:

  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Relationships
  • Life-Management Skills

All Mars Venus workshops, seminars and programs are about getting results and having fun while doing it. But it doesn’t end there. Mars Venus Coaching allows you and your employees to be empowered and to take action based on what you’ve learned. By providing you and your employees with the tools to achieve, you will experience far greater success than anything you have experienced before.

What is Mars Venus Coaching?

Executive Coaching – What It Is and What It Isn’t

The idea of having a coach has been around for centuries: someone to mentor you, provide you with honest feedback and help you attain your goals. Do you think Michael Jordan could have been the athlete he was without good coaching? How about Michael Phelps? Natural talent is important, but without focus, drive and the ability to see outside your own perspective, natural talent can only take you so far. This is where executive coaching comes in.

The goal of any executive coaching program – whether it is for an individual or team of employees – is to achieve your professional goals. By utilizing the teachings of the Mars Venus Coaching programs, you and your employees will have access to coaches who have already achieved the types of success you seek to achieve using the ground-breaking knowledge of Dr. Gray’s psychological and relationship work. Imagine being able to break down the barriers that hold you and your employees back within a few days!

The Mars Venus Executive Coaching isn’t about enabling negative behavior and attitudes nor is it about providing excuses for lack of work or sticking with “stinking thinking.” If you are passionate about making a difference in your life and the life of your employees, are highly motivated and ambitious, the Mars Venus coaching programs offer you a unique and powerful opportunity.

Why Use Mars Venus Coaching?

At Mars Venus coaching, we begin where most other executive coaching programs leave off. Why? Because we start from a very different point of view – men and women think differently. It is important to stress here that one isn’t superior to the other – not at all. It’s just that men and women purchase goods based on very different reasons. And if you and your team of employees can understand this, just think how far you and your organization will be able to go.

But first things first – Mars Venus coaching is based on the gender based intelligence research Dr. Gray published in his bestselling book, “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.” Since its publication almost 20 years ago, Mars Venus has invested over $50 million dollars in marketing. They have been so successful in branding, research shows that 98% of people are aware of Mars Venus, giving it a strong and credible position in the market place- so you don’t need to worry that you are investing in the latest “trend” in executive coaching.

With its proven track record and research firmly established, expanding of the Mars Venus behavior module into business isn’t just natural – it’s practical. After all, all good business is about good relationships – don’t you want to invest in yours?

How Can an Executive Coach Help Me?

There are a great many things an executive coach from Mars Venus can assist with, but some of the more common challenges are:

  • Increasing productivity
  • Increasing team loyalty
  • Increasing your organization’s strength
  • Improving employee retention

While it can take years of hard work and decision-making to get to executive level performance, it can take a single bad decision to ruin all your hard work. Just as a knee blowout will sideline a great athlete, so, too, can the equivalent happen in the work place. Getting yourself an executive coach – a person with the expertise to help steer you through the game – is not a deficit : it’s an asset.

I’m in Sales – How Can Mars Venus Coaching Help Me?

Sales jobs are a combination of both team work and independent work. There are a lot of ways a sale can go off track. One of the most common ways is not understanding your prospect. We at Mars Venus say this, we aren’t talking about individual personalities per se – we are talking about understanding and learning the scientific differences between men and women, their different thinking processes, and how that contributes to making a sale or not.

Gender-Based Sales Training: Another Aspect of Mars Venus Coaching

Taking the science from Men are from Mars, Women Are From Venus, Dr. John Gray and his team have been able to develop business programs designed to help you achieve sales and profitability based on the concepts of understanding the decision-making processes between men and women and how to consciously manage them. This Mars Venus approach is based on 3 pillars:

  1. Gender-based selling – how to sell more and sell more effectively to both men and women
  2. Generation impact – there is a huge difference between Baby Boomers, Gen X & Gen Y. Learn how to sell to each.
  3. Personality Impact – learn to understand the personality traits of your clients to further your success

Gender Based Intelligence Selling

Gender-based selling is learning to sell based on understanding and mastering the biological differences between men’s and women’s brains. By utilizing the relationship models put forth in Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, we show you how to leverage these models to turn your prospects into sales. These are not stereotypes; these are biologically-based and studied brain patterns.

Generation Impact

Assuming that a generalized set of selling skills will work across different generations is a costly mistake. The needs of a Baby Boomer are not going to be the same as someone from Generation Y or vice versa. Just as there are differences selling to genders, there are differences in selling to generations. The Mars Venus business program will help you to establish ways to sell across generations, whether they’re from the Age of Aquarius or love Big Bands.

Personality Impact

The Mars Venus personality impact program focuses on you: your strengths and weaknesses, how you handle stress, etc. Focusing on the DISC process – (D)ominating, (I)nspiring, (S)upporting and (C) Action – you’ll learn to recognize the various parts of your personality that come into play while working. You’ll then learn how to adjust certain ways of thinking and behaving to better serve your customer’s needs, thereby creating more sales.

The bottom line is this: being able to understand the thought process and buying patterns of both your male and female clients and co-workers provides you with a tremendous advantage in being profitable and having a well-run workplace. Otherwise, you are truly leaving money on the table.

I’ve Done Well in My Career – Why Would I Consider Executive Coaching?

First, congratulations! Second, even with a strong career track record, we all can use mentoring, help with focus and other aspects of “coaching” at some point in our careers. Here are two descriptions of how Mars Venus Coaching can help you strive for more.

Clarity and Accountability: How They Create Better Leaders

Clarity in goals is an important part of achieving them. By working with an executive coach from Mars Venus, you will gain clarity as to where your specific challenges currently lay and create a plan to work through those challenges toward success. Clarity begins by asking some tough questions: What are you looking to achieve in the coming year? What is standing in the way of achieving them? What goals do you have for your department and/or company? Identifying the problems is the first step toward resolving them. Let a trained executive coach help you to clean the lens and see what challenges are blocking you.

Executives have far more accountability and responsibility than the average employee. Not only are executives answering to their companies, they also have responsibilities to those they manage. To meet these great demands alone is an extremely difficult task, and a journey that can leave one feeling isolated and overwhelmed. One way to alleviate these stresses is to develop a solid support system. This can include administrative staff, etc., but should also include another important person: an executive coach. An executive coach will both support and hold you accountable for achieving your goals, whether those goals are short or long-term. An executive coach can provide you with support others may not be able to. If fact, not seeking out the support you need can lead to negative consequences that can look as if you are not being responsible and accountable – definitely not what you need when you’ve worked so hard.

Keeping the Resolve Going
It takes a minimum of 21 days to establish a new habit, but only 1 day to falter. With technology paving the way for truly global communities in the work place, many people are finding themselves in careers that require a lot of self-direction as well as more responsibility. As such, keeping career resolutions can be overwhelming – but what do you stand to lose when you don’t keep aiming and achieving your goals? This is why an executive coach from Mars Venus Coaching can help get you back on track with your career.

Ways Our Coaching Program Can Help You Maintain Your Focus

Having goals and the resolve to achieve them in your career can mean many things: improvement in your current position, increasing communication success or having a new approach to tackling challenges. Some areas where Mars Venus coaching can help you achieve are:

  • Communications issues
  • Problem Solving
  • Management Issues
  • Meeting Management
  • Motivation
  • Better and More Successful Collaboration
  • Delegating
  • Negotiating
  • Conflict Resolution