Mars Venus – Business Coaching Program


Mars Venus Coaching will provide total service programs to the personal and corporate sectors in the areas of LIFE, BUSINESS, and EXECUTIVE COACHING.

The services will cover, but are not restricted to the following:

Training, Workshops, Seminars, One-On-One Coaching, 13 Week Foundation to Business Successes Group Program, or Group Coaching, Do-It-Yourself products and Training Aids such as books, newsletters, DVDs, CDs, profiling and assessment tools.

Business Coaching Seminar


  1. Marketing/Lead Generation
  2. Sales Conversions
  3. Increasing Customer Purchase Frequency
  4. Increasing Transaction Value
  5. Increasing Profit Margin

1. Marketing/Lead Generation

What is the difference between marketing and advertising?

This program explores the many organic methods for marketing your business for acquiring new customers.

The implementation and measurement of all these strategies impact the rest of the 5 Fundamental Principles of Business Successes.

In this very interactive program, you’ll be defining the top 3 marketing strategies to get your leads flowing and then addressing how to measure the resulting improvement on a weekly basis.

We will teach you the power of understanding the acquisition cost per lead, and the lifetime value of a customer.

You’ll learn the difference between the accountant’s view of marketing, compared to that of an entrepreneur.

The foundation of all business starts with marketing your products and services.

2. Sales Conversions

What is sales conversion?

This program begins with the definition of sales conversion; a vital measurement in running any business. We’ll discuss why measurement is important and the simple tools you can use to accomplish this. In an interactive style, participants will develop a sales process and discuss ‘why’ a defined process is a critical element in the achievement of any sales goal.

We’ll examine beliefs about salespeople and money, with a focus on the latter. In this highly interactive program, one very popular consultative sales methodology will be reviewed in depth, and every attendee will physically practice the steps in achieving a desired outcome.

The sales methodology will emphasize not only the value of questions in the sales process, but also what kind of questions get the best results, and why.

This in depth program will provide you with practical ideas and proven sales strategies that can be immediately applied to your own situation.

You’ll learn:

  • What is sales conversion?
  • Why measure sales conversion?
  • About tools you can use
  • Why a defined sales process is required
  • How to build a sales process that fits you
  • How to employ a consultative selling style
  • Why practicing the consultative style pays off
  • How beliefs influence the sales profession
  • How a simple questionnaire makes a huge difference
  • About improvement goals & measurement

3. Increasing Customer Purchase Frequency

How do I get my customers to buy more often?

It’s been said many times that getting more sales from existing customers is far more profitable than finding new customers. Of course finding the right balance between the two is the key, as we must have both.

This program begins with discussion of the ten most significant strategy groups needed to accomplish the goal of getting customers to buy more often. As an example, we’ll discuss customer loyalty programs in depth, and in an interactive style.

We’ll examine loyalty programs and the fundamentals of several programs that keep the customer buying. The group will examine a number of additional strategies beyond loyalty programs….some of you may seen…some not.

In group exercises, we’ll apply the strategies to your products and services to be certain you understand the actual implementation of ideas and tactical approaches when using real situations.

This in depth program will provide practical ideas and proven strategies that can be immediately applied to your own situation.

You’ll learn:

  • How this subject fits within the “Five Fundamental Principles for Business Success” to improve your business
  • About primary strategy groups
  • Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Subscription
  • Recurring Delivery
  • Repeat Business
  • Exceptional Service
  • Delivery
  • Make it Easy to Buy
  • Communications
  • Relationship
  • How to implement each strategy
  • Examples of dos and don’ts

4. Increasing Transaction Value

Why is transaction value important?

How do you maximize the value of each and every sale?

We’ll cover the very important aspect of how to avoid three very key mistakes in securing the biggest orders for your products & services.

Do you know the major up-selling, cross-selling and back-end strategies to increase the revenue of every sale?

In our discussion of ten important, up-sell strategies, we’ll explore each idea carefully, while applying them to your business as we go. Additionally, we’ll address a bonus strategy often overlooked by many businesses.

You’ll want to make sure you’re well aware of the three biggest mistakes, and we’ll cover them thoroughly. In examining one specific scenario, we’ll review the wrong way and then the right way to maximize the value of a common transaction.

In addition to each of the strategies, we’ll also review 25 bonus strategies you can easily adapt to your business.

This in depth program will provide you with practical ideas and proven strategies that can be immediately applied to your own situation.

You’ll learn:

  • Why increasing sale value is important
  • Up-selling techniques
  • Cross-selling techniques
  • Back-end techniques
  • The importance of assumption
  • To apply all the strategies to your products & services
  • 25 additional strategies to maximize the sale
  • To blend and apply all of the ideas to fit your needs

5. Increasing Profit Margin

What is profit margin? What’s the difference between gross and net margin?

This program begins with the definition of profit margin; arguably the most vital measurement in running any business. We’ll address and discuss ten strategies to improve profit margins and apply them to your service or products in an interactive exercise.

We’ll also examine and apply profit tips from expert sources like MasterCard and Yahoo, while discussing such topics as risk-taking, pricing, and discounting.

We’ll take a closer look at numerous costs within nine areas of business – from revenue acquisition to supplier costs; while extracting implementable ideas along the way.

As a final bonus, the importance of an accounts receivable system is carefully reviewed with suggestions on how you can apply an effective method to manage your cash.

You’ll learn:

  • The difference between gross and net profit margin
  • Ten strategies to improve margin, including:
  • Reducing operating costs
  • Reviewing your supplier base
  • Examining expenditure
  • Learning to negotiate
  • Shopping around
  • Buying in bulk
  • Diversifying your product range
  • Knowing your worth/pricing
  • Working smarter
  • Consideration for incentives
  • Tips from MasterCard and Yahoo
  • Increasing profits in 9 critical areas
  • The importance of cash flow
  • The 7 step process for managing accounts receivable


Based on Dr. John Gray’s newest book, Why Mars & Venus Collide.

This program is a fun, entertaining, and informative look at stress, including:

The negative affects of adrenaline and cortisol.
Why men and women respond to stress differently.
Practical ideas that can help men and women reduce stress for each other and themselves.
The role of Testosterone and Oxytocin in reducing stress.

This is a great program for business groups, individuals, or couples alike,

Foundations to Business Success
(this group program offering is presented over a 13 week period)

Week 1 – 5 Fundamental Principles of Business Success
Week 2 – 90 Day Planning Session
Week 3 – Introduction to Matrix Tool
Week 4 – Marketing & Lead Generation
Week 5 – Week 4 – Continued
Week 6 – Sales Conversion
Week 7 – Week 6 – Continued
Week 8 – Increasing Customer Purchase Frequency
Week 9 – Week 8 – Continued
Week 10 – Increasing Purchase Transaction Value
Week 11 – Week 10 – Continued
Week 12 – Increasing Profit Margin
Week 13 – Review of 90 Plan