Welcome to Mars Venus Coaching

I’m Rich Bernstein, President and CEO, and I welcome you to Mars Venus Coaching.

We are a business that actually helps people achieve success in their life, in their businesses, or on their executive teams.

We have taken the principles of John Gray’s gender-based intelligence research (published in his best-selling book “Men are from Mars Women are from Venus”, and bridged them into the business and the executive arena.

What we really look at is marketing, sales, finance, time management, and leadership skills, but we do it all with the foundation of relationships and gender differences.

  • Marketing – look at how men and women are marketed to
  • Sales – how men and women buy
  • Finance – men and women manage their money
  • Time – definitely men and women manage time differently
  • Relationships – gender differences and sensitivity

If you are looking to improve your life, improve your business, improve your career, or your executive team, Mars Venus Coaching is the only company that actually focuses on gender differences, gender sensitivity, and most important; relationships.

Relationships are critical to growing your business, growing your executive team, or growing your life.

If you’re serious about making a change in your life or your business or your executive team, give us a call today at 702-835-9295 or email me for more information.